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    Wireless 2.4GHz Dual Handheld Microphone The W200b StageMike is a professional vocal microphone set using a digitalized 2.4GHz band. The package includes 2 wireless microphones, a receiver, and accessories. After plugging the portable receiver into the sound equipment, the microphone can be used. Utilizing the automatic frequency-hopping technology, makes the StageMike a plug-n-play and easily operable device with no further adjustments needed. With its non-compression signal, high quality audio, receiving stability, and long-lasting battery, StageMike is excellent for lecturing, performances, and more. Microphones are in abundance at events like the World Expo, the Olympic Games, and even at music festivals and fairs. However, the W200b’s exclusive signal modulation and channel partition technology eliminates interference from nearby microphones, allowing for more than 10 microphones to be used in the same venue without consequence to you. WR20 Portable Microphone Receiver From a theater stage, to an exhibition center, this receiver’s 6.3mm connector is able to plug into any amplifier system without additional setting adjustments required. Not only can it be plugged into amplifiers in any venue, but with the 3.5mm extension connector and XLR accessories, your microphone is capable of connecting to iPhones and other professional equipment. The rechargeable Li-Polymer battery included in the receiver assures you up to twelve hours of playing time. For more info visit us at http://visualimpactprojector.com/bizFloat/59d200539332360b18df0227/Wireless-2-4GHz-Dual-Handheld-Microphone-The-W200b-StageMike-is-a-professional-vocal-microphone-set-using-a-digitalized-2-4GHz-band-The-package-includes-2-wireless-microphones-a-receiver-and-accessories-